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Discovery 19 days trip Java Active Volcano

Discovery 19 days trip Java Active Volcano

Indonesia Volcano Adventure  – Discovery 19 days trip Java Active Volcano
Volcano Adventure – Trekking – Adventures – Beach

Trip Duration: 19 Days.
This trip is easy challenging for explore Volcano in Java,  all of this trip will be exploration Active Volcano.
Some Volcano needed overnight in Tent, some only one days Trekking and some walking only to Craters.
Visit 10 Volcanoes in Java crossing Java Island from West to East.

Mount Krakatoa one of  Biggest eruption popular with Dome days in 1997 eruption and now in 2007 active again with firework in the night.
Mount Papandayan  location in west java, 40 km from Bandung City, in 1996 most active volcano and never stop smoke going up.

Dieng Volcano Complex  in attitude with 2300 m, Dieng volcano is one of dangerously volcano in Java,  in of of a lot of Craters, Sileri Craters ever kill hundred people in the Villages in 1964, location in Central Java

Mount Merapi   Famous volcano in Java, every years have eruption and never sleepy, Mount merapi with elevation 2910m, now still growing and make new Lava Dome.

Mount Kelud  after morethan 30 years in active, in 2007 active again, before the lake in crater change to new of child Kelud, very active in 2007, now still active with smoke and smile sulfur

Mount Welirang  second  Bank of Sulfur stone production in Java, Mount welirang have Fumaroles, where is Sulfur Mines take the sulfur stone and carrying.  Location in Malang east Java, with elevation 3100m, one of active volcano

Mount Semeru  Most Dangerously volcano in east Java, Mount semeru with 3676m is high peak of Java, and one of Very active volcano with every 20 minuts—1 hours eruption with smoke, sands, and ash Material going up.

Bromo have known by all of visitor of the worlds. They come to Bromo to watch the sunrise. The visitor also can look down to the crater that full of its smoke, and feel the cold of the air, is probably could only be done in Bromo. Our eyes will also completed by the sea of sand that the way to reach Bromo’s peak. The main gate to the sea of sand and mount Bromo is through Cemoro  lawang,

One of active beautiful crater of Kawah Ijen volcano (about 1 hr climbing) with its famous blue acid lake (which is the most acid in the world!) and the hot, partly liquid sulphur deposits. The fumaroles are so hot that sulphur comes out as green vapour, sulfur mines can carrying 75kg with 2 basket

Closer from Kawah ijen, Mount Raung is a part or Volcano mountain Ijen Plateu, in 2008 trying to active again with smoke going up from the craters, and not popular to climbing.  In this volcano we will across virgin forest in East Java

Itinerary Program 19days but very possible to customize

Transfer to the airport for flight to Jakarta, arrival in jakarta, direct transfer to Carita Beach, overnight in Hotel

In the Morning after breakfast, using fastboat we sail to Cracatoa Island, then we Hiking to Mount Anak Krakatau, after finish exploration, have lunch times at the Camp, then sail to Sertung Island for relaks, Fish barbeque and Overnight in tent

After breakfast, Sail back to Carita Beach and Direct Transfer to Bandung using Higway, Overnight in Bandung City

In The Morning, we drive to Garut then Visit Mount Papandayan, one of most active Volcano in West Java, after exploration continue drive to Pangandaran Beach, Overnight in Hotel

Transfer by Car to Wonsobo city, overnight in Surya Hotel – Wonosobo city

Full day explore Dieng Volcano Complex 2700m, we will visit kawah sikidang, color lakes, Geothermal energy and also going to Dieng theather to see the Movie history of Dieng Plateu, then after this we drive to Yogya, overnight in Duta Garden Guesthouse

In the dark 01.00 am, we leaving the hotel to drive 2 hours to Sello Village, 3 am in the morning starting trek to hike Mount Merapi, this will be take 4 hours hike, and around 7 am we arrival in Summit of Mount Merapi 2998m, in 2007-2007 when every days have lava Glowing, in summit now have new lava dome. after explore we going down take Breakfast at Pasar Bubrah, then come back to Selo Village

by Car then drive to Kediri city and we will overnight in Bukit Daun Cottage and Resort

After you take breakfast we will drive about 3-4 hours to Kediri City, we directly visit and explore Mount Kelud by Car. Mount Kelud is one active again, and have new child of kelud. then drive to Malang Overnigt in Pelangi Hotel

After breakfast, we drive about 1-2 hours to Tretes Village for starting Trek to Mount Welirang 3100m.
Will be take  5-6 hrs hike through a lush temperate mountain forest to the second camp at about 2700 m elevation. Our camp will be set up near the village of the sulphur workers, who live here during their 5-days shifts. The village consists mostly of simple huts and is a perfect setting for interesting photography. For the workers, we will be a welcomes distraction and they are usually happy to show us around. During the trek, we only need to carry small daypacks. overnight in tents

In the Morning we start hiking to Summit area of Welirang volcano and its extensive fumarole’s fields Today, we have time to explore the summit craters of Welirang and its large fumaroles fields,- the sites where the sulphur is being quarried using primitive tools. Together with the miners, we walk up the mountain to its top dotted with craters and fumaroles (2-3 hours walk). The rest of day free to explore the fumaroles or the rest of the mountain, then we going down to Camp Site, and After lunch we going back to Tretes Village then Drive to Tumpang Overnight again in Tumpang Village.

In The Morning after simple breakfast about 06:00 am, we drive to Ranupane Village and then directly  starting to trekking take 6-8 hours to Kalimati Camp before sun down. Sometime you will spot the big smoke erupted from Mt Semeru in every 20-30 minutes or so. Hopefully we will arrive in Ranu Kumbolo in afternoon, then having lunch and short break.

Our journey continue to Kalimati (Dead River) with passing vast field of savannah just about the feet of Mt Semeru. Here you will stay in a camp, having resting to prepare summit attack in the midnight. As the climbing will take tool of energy we suggest you to have a good sleep.

In the dark you will start climbing on rough ground, steep hike about an hour to Arcapada. You have to be careful due the landslide common happen in these area, so make sure that you have a strong torch to light your path. The route to the summit quite straightforward, in the sandy loose ground will again test your stamina. Prepare to slide down when you try to go up. Having trekking poles will be valuable to help you balances with the movement. Most people reach the summit about 3 hours, but it depends on everybody’s ability to keep going. It’s been advised by National Park to decent the summit before mid day due the gas produces by continuing smokes of Mt Semeru.

Reaching the summit (Mahameru) you will enjoy the view of the major part of East Java. You will stand in the highest mountain in Java. You have to see the small-scale eruption every 20 minutes full of smokes and stones. So enjoy your achievement today, you’ve deserved it but mind do not too close to the crater as the Mt Semeru is an active volcano.

Then we descend from summit back to Kalimati (camp) to have breakfast and to rest for a long morning trek. After breakfast we will continue to Ranu Kumbolo and will back trekking to Ranu Pane village using different router via Mount Ayek-ayek the foot of Mount Semeru. We’ll Arrived in Ranu Pane and we Drive to Mount Sawur, Mount Sawur is to a place to see volcanoes and where is we can see lava flow and also in the night sometimes we can see the Erouption from this Mount, Mount Sawur is also for Mount Semeru Monitoring center using seismograph for watching the Mount Semeru Eruption Activity, We will make a camp here and enjoy the mountain scenery overnight in tent

After breakfast we will continue to drive back to Ranu Pane village then Continues to Cemoro Lawang for Relaks Days. We Drive to cemoro lawang by jeep cross savanna Then check in Lava View Hotel/Cemara Indah Hotel in Cemoro lawang Village.

Early morning we will take you to see the spectacular sunrise from Mt Penanjakan with 4WD jeep. You will enjoy the magnificent view of Mt Semeru and Mt Bromo from the summit of Mt Penanjakan.Then we will drive you through vast of sandy area (lautan pasir = ocean of sands)  across to go to summit of Mt Bromo. It is a concrete well mark steps to the edges of great crater. From here you can see the ocean beach and viewing the Hindu’s temple held by Tengger Tribe from Bromo. Then Come back to Hotel for breakfast, and after you shower then continues for Drive by car will be take 4-5 hours to Blawan Village, where the village closer from Kawah Ijen, when we arrival in Blawan we will visit Waterfall and Hot Spring Water, overnight in Catimor Homestay.

DAY 16  Mount Ijen Crater – Sumber Waringin Village (B,L,D)
Early in the morning, well before sunrise, we drive a short way to the start of the trail that leads up to the active beautiful crater of Kawah Ijen volcano (about 1-2 hr hiking) with its famous blue acid lake (which is the most acid in the world!) and the hot, partly liquid sulfur deposits. The fumaroles are so hot that sulphur comes out as green vapors.  After plenty of observation time, we leave the Ijen Plateau then after clean and washing, we drive to sumber Waringin Village, overnight in Homestay

DAY 17  Mount Raung Trekking (B,L,D)
in the morning after breakfast we start the Trek until Demit Hut Camp, this route will be across virgin forest in java. Overnight in tent

DAY 18  Explore The Summit mount Raung – Sumber Waringin (B,L,D)
early morning trekking to summit region of Raung and explore the Summit and see the Big Crater with still smoke going up and hike back to village. Overnight in the Homestay in the Sumber Waringi Village.

DAY 19 Sumber Waringin – Kalibaru Cottage (B)
After breakfast, we drive about 3-4 hours to Kalibaru Cottage, after check in the Cottage you have free Program (optional Agro tour for seightseing Cacao Plantation)

DAY 20 Kali Baru Cottage – Bali
Tranfer to Bali, for Free Program.. (+/- 3 days) optional

Price: Contact Us


  • All Local Airfare
  • Accommodation and meals as program with BLD Conditions
  • English Speaking guides in One Guide Thought for this Trip
  • Fast Boat charter to Mount Cracatoa
  • Land Transportation with AC and Without AC, Minibus, Jeep 4WD
  • Entrance fee  to All Volcano Destination
  • Camping and cooking gears
  • Porters  Team and Local Guides
  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bag by Request
  • Nature, culture and traditional preservation financial contribution

Price Excludes of:

  • Personal health / medication and baggage insurance
  • Tipping and any personal allowance / articles
  • Accommodation before and after the program
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • extended Accommodation
  • Personal Expenses


  • Comfortable trekking shoes
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Windbreaker / jacket, sweater, gloves, ear cover
  • Flesh light
  • Sun block lotion
  • Insect repellent
  • Cameras / video camera, binocular
  • Personal toiletries
  • Personal medicines
  • Rain coat
  • Sun Block.
  • Personal medicine.
  • Sun glasses.
  • Camera / video (keep it safe from sea water)

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