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Exploration Program

Indonesia is an archipelago of 13500 islands located in south-east Asia between Malaysia and Australia, in Our Trip for Explore Indonesia is specialist in Remotest Destination, wild life and Adventure Indonesia

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Expedition Record

The Last 3 years expedition, in Our Team we has been more than 40 times Successfully Expedition to Cartensz Pyramid

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Climb Carstensz Pyramid

Carstensz Pyramid (16.023 feet/ 4884m)   one of the most exotic world's famous SEVEN SUMMITS the most spectacular adventures in Irian Jaya,

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Volcano Adventure

Indonesia has more active volcanoes than any other country. It contains some of the world's most famous volcanoes, Krakatau (Krakatoa), Tambora, and Merapi, Mount Semeru and Totally more than 129 Actives Volcanoes

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Expedition Program

The Carstensz Pyramid Expedition has two option expeditions programmed: Classic Route trekking from IlagaVillage and Private Charter Helicopter directly to Base Camp

Mount Trikora Expedition E-mail

Mount Trikora Expedition
Duration: 18 days / 17 nights
Start / Finish : JAKARTA 
Grade: Challenge

The central mountains of New Guinea are up there among the world’s highest – at just over 4,750m, Mount Trikora (or Mt. Pirgin to the locals) is the second highest peak in New Guinea after Puncak Jaya (5040m), and is bettered only by peaks in the Himalayas and outlying ranges, the western spine of the Americas, East Africa, the Caucasus, as well as Vinson Massif in Antarctica (5,140m), and Mt. Blanc in the Alps (4807m).

Of the two highest peaks in New Guinea, Mount Trikora is by far the easier to visit, since it is only a few days hike from Wamena, the major town in the mountains of West Papua, and only a day or two from Lake Habbema, a tourist destination that is (at least in theory) accessible by road from town.

Puncak Jaya lies some way to the west, and visiting it would require a charter flight and/or a much longer hike. One advantage of visiting this more remote peak, however, would be the chance to see some of the remaining glaciers on New Guinea, fast melting but still extant, unlike the glacier on Trikora, which disappeared sometime in the mid-1900s.

On today, we will have fly from Jakarta to Jayapura (West Papua). We will arrive at Jayapura and check into your hotel at Sentani. You will have city tour at Jayapura and our guide team will check obligatory travel
permits before we leave for Wamena on the next day. (B,L,D)

DAY 02: JAYAPURA – WAMENA (Baliem Valley)
After have breakfast at hotel, you will have flight to Wamena in the morning and then check into our hotel. We will get the last bit of food for our trek and climb of Trikora mountain. We will have time to visit themarket and explore around Wamena. (B,L,D)

On today, you will start adventure journey as we will go by chartered transportation (four wheel drive jeep) to the edge of the Baliem Valley. There we will be our starting point of trek to Trikora Mountain. Stay camp
at the lake side. Our mountain guide will provide you dome tent and cook during camp. (B,L,D)


We will start trekking up the river valley that will take us close to the base of the mountain range. There are villages the first few days and we will overnight in these villages. After the last village we will camp in tents. Once you will reach an elevation of 3300 meters that's our base camp at this mountain. It will take another day or two until we reach our base camp for our climb to the summit of Trikora Mountain.
We will go slowly the first few days in the mountains, to acclimatize to the altitude. Once we are acclimatized, we will make our trek to the summit of Trikora Mountain(4.743 meters) as one of the highest peak in Jayawijaya mountain range. After success climb peak Mount Trikora, we will follow the same way back down to Wamena (Baliem Valley).

We will trek back to the edge of the Baliem Valley and take chartered transport back to our hotel in Wamena. Rest of the day.

We will fly back to Jayapura, Papua. And we will have time to go into Jayapura town and look around and also go to the arts and crafts villageof Hamadi. We will go back to Sentani, by the airport and spend the
night at our hotel.

We will fly back to Jakarta to transfer you to catch your return international flight.



1). Climb Permit and Surat Jalan from Police Dept and Indonesia Intelligence Army Forces
2). Meals and water during expedition
3). Mountain Guide Team and porters
4). All transfer service in Jakarta from Airport to Hotel as return
5). Local Transport for picked up from Hotel to Airport as return in Papua
6). Dome Tent for stay camp during expedition(based Twin Share)
7). Local transportation during transfer from Hotel to Habema Lake (4 WD Jeep)
8). ACCLIMATIZATION at Base camp
9). Accommodation NON star in Wamena for 2 nights
10).Hotel 3 star in Jakarta for 1 night
11).Hotel 3 star in Jayapura for 2 nights

12).Local Flight from Jayapura to Wamena as return flight

1). Ticket Fares: Jakarta - Jayapura for return flight USD 600,-/person
2). Emergency Rescue by Helicopter
3). Personal Expenses such as mini bar Hotel, room Phone Hotel, Laundry, Extra Meals as unmentioned
on expedition
4). Cancellation or delay flight from Airlines as force majuer
5). Filming permit cost from Indonesian government Dept.

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