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Exploration Program

Indonesia is an archipelago of 13500 islands located in south-east Asia between Malaysia and Australia, in Our Trip for Explore Indonesia is specialist in Remotest Destination, wild life and Adventure Indonesia

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Expedition Record

The Last 3 years expedition, in Our Team we has been more than 40 times Successfully Expedition to Cartensz Pyramid

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Climb Carstensz Pyramid

Carstensz Pyramid (16.023 feet/ 4884m)   one of the most exotic world's famous SEVEN SUMMITS the most spectacular adventures in Irian Jaya,

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Volcano Adventure

Indonesia has more active volcanoes than any other country. It contains some of the world's most famous volcanoes, Krakatau (Krakatoa), Tambora, and Merapi, Mount Semeru and Totally more than 129 Actives Volcanoes

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Expedition Program

The Carstensz Pyramid Expedition has two option expeditions programmed: Classic Route trekking from IlagaVillage and Private Charter Helicopter directly to Base Camp

Expedition Record E-mail



October 2006 From Adventure Peaks Uk ( Participated by Dave Pritt From England, Malli Mastan Babu From Indian, Nobukazu Kuriki From Japan solo challenge 7summit, Nigel Vardy From UK and Sibusiso Vilane From South africa

March 2007 From Adventure    (  participated by Dave Pritt From England John From England Whittle, Mr. Ian McKeever From Irish who run for new world's fastest 7 summits record and Grania Ane Willis From Irish.

April 2007 from The Canadian Mountain School  which also participated by Brian Jones From Canada, Peter Rankin From Canada, Wayne browning USA, Darrel Ainscough From Canada, Ramon Blanco Suarez From Venezuela and Mr. Rob Hill of No Guts Know Glory

May 2007 with Proyecto Cumbre from Venezuela participated by Carlos Calderas, Carlos Castillo, Marco Cayuso, Marcus Tobia, Martin Echevarria.

June 2007 From Norway participated by Cecilia Skog and Rolf bay

July 2007 From USA Participated by James Gagne, Brian Sheedy and Hendrik Olsen from Denmark

August 2007 From mountain trip participated by Todd Rutledge, Tatsuo Matsumoto, Kuo Yu Ching From Taiwan, Loh Khee Lian, and Ong Seow Chooi from Malaysia, Andrew Brdenkamp and Michael Nixon From South Africa.

October 2007 From adventure dynamic participated by Sean James Disney, Jason François Grove, Amanda Susan Rams, Lance Craig Metz, Donald Michael O Connor, Vaughan Michael De La Harpe and Arthur Ian Marsden From South Africa and From

October 2007 From Adventure International Charles Scott Woolums, Nicky Noel Branch from USA and Asgeir Johnson from Iceland.

November 6 2007 From adventure peak participated by Dave Pritt, John Starbuck, Paul Taylor from United Kingdom and Lei Wang from USA and also

November 15 2007 From Alpine Ascent  participated by David Charles Morton USA, Gerhard Alfons Winkler Austria, Adrian Keith Pope Irish, Matthew David Holt England and Robin Waters Griffith USA.

November 18 2007 from mountain trip participated by William Barkeley Allen USA, Helmut Linzbichler Austria, Vivian James Rigney Irish, Timothy William Ralph England, Alastair Paul Sutcliffe England, Chris Dee Nichols USA, Kurt Norman Gusnide USA, Kevin Anthony Koprek USA, Biff Franklin Palmer USA.

February  2008 From Russian Seven Summits and www participated by Alex Abramov, Dmitry Moskalev from Moscow, Karo Ovasapyan (California),  Dmitry Mokhnachev and Nadejda Voskresenskaya From Moscow.

August 2008 Team From Adventure Peaks UK Participated By Dave Pritt Guide of adventure peaks, Bob Kerr, Ashley Hale, Duncan Hale and Andy Rice

October 2008 Team from Marty Schmidt USA, Thomas Kevin Cooney USA, Kenneth John Pokora and William Robert Dyer USA,

November 1 2008 Team From 7summits to Sea level participated by Noel Hanna Ireland, Patrick Rajnaraine Singh Canada and Kevin Jean Fourie South Africa.

March 15 2009 Team From Adventure Consultant Participated by Anthony Victor Saunders, Peter Cornelius Wiesenekker, Omar Sherif Aboel Rahman Samra, Takao Arayama and Douglas Preston Bea

August 6-24,2009, and successfully at with ….. with Adventure Consultants
Expedition Leader: David Hamilton – UK
Leonardo McLean – Argentina, Pierre Godart – Germany/France, Tony Hampson-Tindale – South Africa/NZ
Suzanna Derby – USA, Russell Brown – UK, Johnny Collinson – USA, Damian Benegas – USA/Argentina

September 2009

Carstensz Pyramid Expedition Successfully with The Team form Adventure Peaks on Septermber 05 to September 18,2009
Leader : Diahanna Gilbert
Peter Ellis – UK , Stuart Long – UK , David Woodman – UK , John Bates- UK

October  2009 Team From Mountain trip Leader William Barkley Allen USA Christopher Elstum Davenport USA Ephraim Fishel Gildor USA William Marian Hanlon Canada Barend Hermanus Swart South Africa Elsie Sophia Bezuidenhout South Africa

October 2009 Team Member International team Sean Benjamin Swarner USA  Maciej Bartlomiej Palys Poland Agnieszka Palys Poland

Mei   1010 Team from Absolute Adventure Chec republic Participated by Tristan Kinloch from UK, Ireneusz Szpot & Pawel Glowacki from Poland.

JUNE 1010 Team From USA Participated by Matthew Michael Hurley, Robert Sean Cassady, Alexander  Ince Cushman, Jefferson Dove Reynolds,  Nicholas Alan Bishop USA, Paul Andrew Queior.

JULY 2010 Team from UK high adventure participated By David Hamilton, Nubo Huang China and Jhon Michael Moorhouse Uk.

November,7 2010 Team from Adventure consultants NZ Participated 4 people Victor sauders UK, Saskho Kedev Macedonia,  John Paul Preston USA  James Allen Matter. 

November 12, 2010 Team from Mtn professionals USA Participated by Ryan Powers waters USA, Bjorn Stangeland Norway, Paul Karl Adams USA and David Marlon USA

March 6, 2011 Team from Adventure consultants NZ Participated 5 people Michael Madden NZ Guide leader, Jonathan Wilson Canada, Michael Kraft Frances, Richards Parks UK and Bruno Boschung Germany

July 2011 Team from Mountain Guides USA  participant 8 people Thomas Grover Wise USA, Mark Stephen Ursino USA, Jefrey Robert Ursino USA, Colin Foster Oglivy CANADA, Christopher Troy Lane USA, Theodore Bruce Hedberg USA, Jason Archer Edward USA, Andrew Towne USA.

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