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Exploration Program

Indonesia is an archipelago of 13500 islands located in south-east Asia between Malaysia and Australia, in Our Trip for Explore Indonesia is specialist in Remotest Destination, wild life and Adventure Indonesia

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Expedition Record

The Last 3 years expedition, in Our Team we has been more than 40 times Successfully Expedition to Cartensz Pyramid

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Climb Carstensz Pyramid

Carstensz Pyramid (16.023 feet/ 4884m)   one of the most exotic world's famous SEVEN SUMMITS the most spectacular adventures in Irian Jaya,

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Volcano Adventure

Indonesia has more active volcanoes than any other country. It contains some of the world's most famous volcanoes, Krakatau (Krakatoa), Tambora, and Merapi, Mount Semeru and Totally more than 129 Actives Volcanoes

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Expedition Program

The Carstensz Pyramid Expedition has two option expeditions programmed: Classic Route trekking from IlagaVillage and Private Charter Helicopter directly to Base Camp

Access And Permit E-mail

There are two way to organize legal Carstensz Pyramid Expedition.

First access: To use the Land Journey from Village of Ilaga, Beoga and Sugapa with trekking 4 - 6 day to reach Carstensz Base Camp. We were used many times this access and running successful. Trekking to the Carstensz Pyramid is one of the most beautiful treks Papua can offer. Although it is demanding   things you will see and experience on the way, wonderful and absolutely unique.

Second access: To use helicopter in order to transfer climbers to Carstensz BC at 4,050 M. Since 2001 we already used the helicopter to transfer the climber directly to the Base Camp of Carstensz Pyramid. Use this access quite expensive than the other.


To climb Carstensz Pyramid  legally we do  need several permits from different place required, the Reference letter from State Tourism Department, Security Clearance from ARMY Intelligence, Traveling Permit from POLICE HQ and other papers from local authorities.

Please prepare your two passports photographs  size 4 X 6, with red background and copy passport when you register for expedition. Scan your photos and copy passports and send by e-mail attachment . These documents needed at least 8 weeks before your expedition departure.
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